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About Rose Hill Preservation & Restoration

In 2019 a small group of Maconites began working together to promote, restore, and preserve Macon, Georgia’s beloved 50-acre Rose Hill Cemetery 1840. A formal 501C-3 nonprofit was created in 2021 and named “Rose Hill Preservation & Restoration, Inc”. This group strives to honor and continue the work of previous generations who have labored to preserve this historic landmark.

The Founder and Board President is Joey Fernandez, a self-taught preservationist whose passion has sparked this generation’s call to awareness of the fragility and vulnerability of this historically significant place. Where Joey has seen a need, he has stepped into action. Every single bullet point that describes this organization’s work is a result of the thousands of hours he has spent in Rose Hill. Through his painstaking labors and growing expertise in the artistry of stone carving, several hundred crumbling gravestones and broken monuments have been made whole. Joey’s work has been recognized by the Historic Macon Foundation and Macon-Bibb Parks & Beautification and has inspired other Macon residents to step in and help out!

The efforts of Rose Hill Preservation & Restoration are also guided by a dedicated group of volunteer board members.


  • Treasurer - Betsy Robinson

  • Secretary - Maria De la Sierra

  • Members - Andrew Wood, Adrian Jelks

  • Advisor - Kathleen O’Neal

Rose Hill Preservation & Restoration’s work includes but is not limited to the following: 

  • Collect and archive artifacts, maps, documents, and publications. 

  • Repair an array of burial plots, large-scale monuments, and humble gravesites. 

  • Reclaim forgotten burials and personal histories.

  • Coordinate with city officials and city-funded landscaping contractors.

  • Teach proper techniques for historic stone cleaning and brick repointing.

  • Secure the cemetery by installing cameras, repairing gates, and hiring off-duty police officers.

  • Support and organize community events and work days.

  • Promote the significance and artistry of historic stone carvers. 

  • Reinforce a sense of pride, respect, and recognition for this significant historic landmark that deserves to be treasured. 

These projects are largely funded by the sale of t-shirts, books, and maps as well as individual donations and some city funds.  Grant assistance from entities such as The Macon Garden Club and The Grassman Trust, local organizations, and small businesses have thankfully also provided boosts of support. 


We ask for your contribution to continue and grow this young organization’s important work, to help us protect Rose Hill Cemetery 1840 for future generations.

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